Respiratory Therapist Salary

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Respiratory Therapist Salary

Respiratory Therapist SalarySo, are you thinking of becoming a respiratory therapist? Congratulations! You have really taken an excellent decision. You will be happy to know that the career prospects in this profession is really good.

As a practicing pro in the field, not only will you be assisting the medics to heal all those who will be looking up to you for your care and compassion, but you will also have the privilege of earning their trust, respect and love. This should surely make you feel satisfied. And on top of that, you can earn good money, because respiratory therapist salary is more than decent. In fact, the salary can be so good that this can be the reason enough to join this profession. Actually, a lot of people want to join up because they are drawn by the high payouts. What is your reason?

What Is the Role of a Respiratory Therapist?

The term respiratory care practitioner is often used as well to describe a respiratory therapist. But no matter which term you use, the job you are expected to do, or your responsibilities, will remain the same of course. As the therapist or practitioner, you are expected to assist the physician in diagnosing, treating, and managing all patients who are suffering from pulmonary disorders. You will be responsible for collecting and analyzing blood, sputum and breath specimens so that you can find out the oxygen level, carbon dioxide as also the levels of other gases. You will also be measuring lung capacity to find out if the person’s function is impaired or not.

All of us can have breathing problems, whether we are old or young. As the therapist, you will be responsible for ensuring that air is able to flow freely to the lungs. Of course, if there are any problems here, it can become a serious issue, and could also be fatal. If there is an issue, you will need to help in the diagnosis, and once done, you will have to deliver the treatment.

So, principally, you have 3 main responsibilities, and they are – the evaluation, treatment, and caring for your patients. Yes, you will certainly working under the supervision of a physician, and will also be assisting the person, but the physician will also be consulting you for your professional knowledge, because your experience is highly valued here.

Job Prospects and the Respiratory Therapist Salary

Here’s the best part. Not only is the job of the therapist exciting, but the fact is that, it could be extremely profitable as well. That is because, the respiratory therapist salary is really attractive. If you have the qualifications and some experience, you could end up earning not only a decent earning, but much more than the national average as well.

How Much Does a Respiratory Therapist Make?

How much can you earn in this profession? Let us take a look at this. According to the National Salary Statistics, the hourly rate of a professional here ranges between $17.20 and $30.96. The overtime is between $20.11 and $48.11 for each hour of extra work. Add to this the bonus, which is usually between $51.42 and $4,884, and what you have is something that looks really attractive. Everything considered, the total annual pay will be anything between $35,354 and $68,128. Now, that is respiratory therapist salary you can certainly be proud of.

What Does the Salary Depend On?

There are various factors that will determine your the salary of a respiratory therapist. One of them is the industry where you are employed. Here is a check list.

  • In the healthcare industry you can earn between $16.58 and $31.22 for each hour.
  • If you are employed in a hospital, your earning will vary from $16.96 and $31.91 hourly.
  • In an acute care hospital, it will be between $17.45 and $33.02.
  • Those who are in the medical services can earn respiratory therapist salaries between $16.43 and $31.27.
  • In rehab/long-term care facilities, you could earn between $17.06 and $31.03 for each hour of services rendered.

There are several other factors too based on which your actual respiratory therapist pay is decided. For instance, it can vary depending on the actual city where you are employed. For instance, you are likely to earn more money in facilities that are located in the bigger cities than in any of the smaller towns in the US. The statistics also tells us that you can make the maximum salary in the US state of California. Interestingly, the top three cities according to the salary are all located in CA. They are Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco. At the 4th position is Washington in the District of Columbia.

There is another extremely important factor that will determine your respiratory therapist salary. And it is your academic background. To join the profession, you will need to have the associate’s degree, and you should also have cleared the RRT or the professional exam. When you do this, you will be known as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. That’s when the employers will begin to give you the job offers.

But it is always better to go for even higher education, because this will fetch you really high respiratory therapist salary. The more qualified you are, the better it is for you. Remember, you should always keep yourself updated because the field is changing all the time. So, even if you are a working professional, you should still go for an updated or advanced course once in 5 years or so, because you can then learn the latest things in your chosen area. Your employers will recognize this, and will certainly offer you a higher income.

Of course, the salary you will actually earn will also depend on your experience and the reputation you have. If you are a fresher, you cannot expect to earn very high, but once you have put in a couple of years of service, you can certainly expect the respiratory therapist salary to go up by quite a bit. All employers value experience and will be ready to offer you more.